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Key Styles Golden Music Producer

July 15, 2012

Key Styles Golden Music Producer

Key Styles the Golden Producer Vh1 Beat

Video Link


This beat was featured on Vh1 For the love and hip hop
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 1, Episode 1



Don’t be the one to miss out on the exposer. . .

Key Styles Bio

Key Styles a Los Angeles music producer/artist/writer began his musically inspired journey at a very young age. While other kids were out playing he would sit for hours in studios and garages and listen to his father and his group called DBS MOB. He would watch as they would play various instruments, write lyrics and record music not because he had to, but because he was drawn to it. DBS MOB which was a former Hip Hop group under Rudy Pardee of the LA Dream Team. At the age of thirteen Key Styles began writing lyrics to various instrumentals in hopes of becoming a successful recording artist of his own one day. He was once told that his dream of becoming an artist and producer wasn’t possible, rather that become discouraged he then would challenge the words given to him and for that he became very passionate about the production aspect of music through composing instrumentals while learning piano, drums and guitar. Having moved around a lot and being a middle child with two hard working parents, Key Styles always felt the need to succeed and make his family proud. That motivation and drive expresses most of where the power in his production comes from. He believes “Nothing is forever, forever is a lie, all that we have, is what’s between hello and goodbye” Later key would create a super production entertainment team in reflecting the knowledge of where music has been, but also where music is going through beat making, lyric writing and musical arrangements. Key Styles produced dozens of tracks and has gained the attention of respected artists such as Vh1, Young Life, Xzibit, Young De and etc. As of now there is no stopping him, but if you plan on locating him you can only expect to find him at the top. Dream Team!


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